All-Terrain Forklift
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Harlo Rough Terran Forklifts

Harlo Products has been making reliable
rough terrain vertical mast forklifts to
answer the needs of this market for many
years. With our high ground clearance and
tight turning radius, you can find a Harlo
Products rough terrain forklift that will
meet most types of applications.
Powered by the 80 hp Cummins 4B3.9-C
diesel engine. This 8500 pound capacity at
24 inch load center has a lift height of 22
feet and an overall lowered height of 125
inchesavailable with carriage widths of 60
and 72inches.
$299.00 / day
+ 24.67  tax
+   5.98  HE tax
+     .65  SE tax
$330.30  total / day
plus minimum $100 delivery each way